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About Us

Aptamind Partners is a private client advisory firm that helps ambitious leaders in governments, emerging destinations, public and private sector firms and increasingly social-sector organisations understand the impact of tourism as a change agent. Its unique proprietary approach produces privileged insights and finely calibrated strategies by combining hard data, social sentiment analysis, and on-the ground investigative research backed by a network of best-in-class experts to unlock new sources of growth especially in challenging times.

Aptamind’s team has decades of experience dedicated to travel, tourism, and hospitality and work in over 75+ countries, and has advised governments, industry policy makers, family offices, UHNW investors, global and local corporations and international strategy consultants. As a firm we are very focussed on sustainability and the social impact of tourism and always looking to work with partners who resonate our passion for these topics. 

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Our Values

Our value compass drives us and everything we do.


We love to keep things simple and focus on delivering results. Our entrepreneurial mindset means we take initiative, are creative, love problem solving and actively take risks in order to create better, lasting and positive results.



Growing and learning is in our DNA so we embrace new ideas and are quick to adapt. Because we value diversity of opinions, skills and perspectives we uncover unique opportunities whilst remaining agile at all times.



We like being an outsider on the inside and value honesty, integrity of opinion and ideas that really benefit. Our clients trust us because we never hesitate to speak out and only offer an impartial opinion that is in their best interests.



​We are committed to our people, our client as well as our society. We work to enhance your impact and advance progress of global issues such as social justice, climate change.

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